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My training philosophy emphasizes all-around wellness: from the food you eat, to the way you move, to your daily lifestyle habits. Becoming and staying healthy is key to flourishing in life, and to stay in optimal condition, it is always best to train safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Our lives evolve around movement: crawl, walk, run, push, pull, twist, bend, squat, lunge. These are basic movements that we all execute to one degree or another in the patterns of our daily routines.

If practiced correctly, these basic movements can help you toward the goal of optimal health. I take great pleasure and responsibility in teaching these movement dynamics, especially how foundational and imperative functional core training are in supporting all movement, in supporting our lives.

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Education and Training

•  B.S. in Fitness and Wellness, Oakwood College
•  B.S. in Business Management, Oakwood College
•  CHEK Practitioner Level II
•  Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3
•  Indoor Group Cycling Instructor/Spinning Instructor
•  BOSU Master Trainer
•  First Aid/CPR Certified
•  Certified Stability Ball Specialist

Free Consultation

Learn more about how you will benefit from working directly with me as your fitness trainer by arranging a free consultation. I can help you set and meet your athletic and fitness goals if you are new to training, an experienced athlete, or have a specific physical need to address. Go to the Contact page to get in touch with me.

Expertise and Experience 

I will help you meet your goals by incorporating personal fitness training, group training, and classes. I teach diverse class formats that are well-suited for a variety of fitness levels.

•  Performance Coach and Fitness Trainer for 20 years.
•  Bosu Master Trainer
•  Assistant Football Coach – Oakwood College
•  Stability Ball Instructor
•  Indoor Group Cycling Instructor
•  Corrective Exercise Clinics
•  Men’s Olympic Swim Team Trials (Stanford University) 2004
•  Warroad, MN Girls Aquatic and Boys Hockey Teams
•  Oakwood Academy Girls and Boys Basketball and Girls Aquatic Teams
•  Mounds View High School Swim and Diving Team
•  Lower-body, Upper-body, Core Strength and Group Exercise focusing on Stability Ball and BOSU dynamics


•  Functional Training
•  Strength and Conditioning
•  Abdominal and Low-Back Training
•  Nutritional Analysis
•  Stability Training
•  Sport Specific Fitness Programs

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