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Koficore is a holistic, functional fitness-training studio founded by Kofi Robinson in 2006. Koficore philosophy emphasizes the importance of the core in our everyday functioning and well-being. Functional fitness incorporates and maximizes movements from our everyday lives such as crawl, walk, run, push, pull, twist, bend, squat, and lunge. Core strength and stability involve the structural connection between the abs (abdominals), “booty” (gluteals), and back (lats, lumbar) that supports our structure and all movement. The combination of functional fitness and core training provides an excellent opportunity to build a strong body/structure toward optimal condition.

Kofi Robinson, Founder & Owner

Koficore’s holistic emphasis stems from the desire to offer members and clients access to comprehensive programming that addresses aspects of wellness including flexibility, balance, strength, stress relief, nutrition, fun, goal-setting and planning, and more. Programming and services include personalized fitness training, functional and core training classes, cardio and movement/dance classes, massage, acupuncture, and life coaching. Koficore also emphasizes the beneficial effects of supplements such as protein, vitamins, and CBD (cannabinol) which are available in our retail store along with our other wellness-related services and products.

Living a meaningful life has much to do with the quality of life afforded us by our bodies, how well our bodies hold up over time, in large part, due to how we treat them over time. No matter your age or fitness level, a holistic approach anchored in core training with a nod to functional movements is a great base of wellness to build upon for life.

Thank you for visiting Koficore! Feel free to reach out to us at (612) 247-4587 and on our Contact page.


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